•  What   is   Reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive, totally holistic therapy based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body. It is a whole body treatment - not just a foot massage.

Maternity Reflexology is a wonderful therapy that can be used safely during pregnancy, labour and post pregnancy. It can be helpful for the following conditions:

    • Constipation and Indigestion

    • Water Retention

    • Back Pain

    • Sciatica

    • Improved Sleep

    • Sinus & Headaches

    • Improves Energy

    • Improves Sleep

When   Is   A   Safe   Time   During   My    Pregnancy    For    A    Reflexology    Treatment

It is recommended to wait until after week 16 or more and have had your 1st scan before you begin a reflexology treatment.

Many midwives and consultants  recommend Reflexology for various symptoms during pregnancy. Even if it is just a treat for the feet and to relax! But always check with your doctor or midwife that they are happy for you to have a treatment before you start.

When   Is   It   Not     Recommended   To   Have  Maternity   Reflexology

 Reflexology is mostly a safe therapy,however some conditions are  unsuitable to Reflexology during Pregnancy and they require immediate medical intervention:

    •  Placenta Praevia
    •  Deep Vein Thrombosis
    •  Vomiting 
    •  Pre-Ecclampsia 
    • Bleeding

 Reflexology and Labour

Reflexology may be used before your due date with the following results:

    • The length of labour can be very much reduced by having regular treatments in the weeks prior to your expectant delivery date
    • After birth Reflexology babies are very calm, suckle better and are less prone to colic.

- See more at: http://www.eumom.ie/pregnancy/maternity-reflexology/#sthash.w834PEQR.dpuf


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