Pre Natal Massage

Expectant Moms experience many physical and emotional changes resulting from weight gain, hormonal change and a change in posture.  Whilst the build up to the birth of a new baby is an exciting time, moms-to-be experience physical discomfort, lack of sleep and headaches. 

Pregnancy Massage is the ideal way to relieve the physical discomfort and emotional stress which often accompanies pregnancy.  It relaxes the mind and body, relieving muscular tension, promotes wellbeing and improves sleep at night.  The benefits of a soothing pregnancy massage are well documented and a joy to experience. Feel the relief from the tension build up to the feet, back and legs. The soothing pregnancy massage works by applying gentle pressures around the areas you feel most tension.

Massage can help after the birth too. As well as giving you some precious time to look after yourself, it promotes muscle healing and spinal alignment, important factors in returning your body to its pre-pregnancy state.

Some additional benefits of pre-natal massage include:


    • Relieves muscle aches & stiffness
    • Improves blood & lymph circulation
    • Drugless means of reaching a deep level of relaxation
    • Aids immune system functioning
    • Improves sleep
    • Promotes feeling of wellbeing

Pregnancy Massage soothes common prenatal stress on the body using massage techniques to stimulate the blood circulation, lighten legs, reduce lower leg water retention and relieve lower leg muscle stress. You will lie on your side with pillows and cushions to support you, I will work with you to ensure your comfort and safety at all times.   90 Minutes - €60

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Pre natal  massage



Pregnancy Massage